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About Partha Dental

Welcome to Partha Dental care center, a pioneering dental health center in South India with dentists who are expert in their fields and will provide excellent dental services at affordable costs to you. In fact if you are looking for a dentist near you, your search ends here because Partha Dental is an excellent provider of Dental Care in your city.

Our Advantages

  • check-mark-1Specialists and Dentists as One Team
  • check-mark-1Initial Dental Assessment
  • check-mark-1All Types of Dental Services
  • check-mark-1Safety by Credentials
  • check-mark-1Dental Implant Experience
  • check-mark-1Innovation
  • check-mark-13D Imaging Center
  • check-mark-1On-site Laboratory
  • check-mark-1“Same Day” Dentistry
  • check-mark-1“Same Day” Dental Implants
  • check-mark-1Innovative Clinic Design
  • check-mark-1Complimentary Consultations
  • check-mark-1Insurance and Financing
  • check-mark-1Services Cost

We assure you a beautiful and healthy smile and a great set of teeth at your convenience.

Partha Dental’s infrastructure includes the

  • check-mark-1Latest Dental Chairs with Intra Oral Camera (IOC)
  • check-mark-1Advanced Diagnostic Equipment with Digital OPG and RVG
  • check-mark-1Advanced sterilization Autoclaves
  • check-mark-1Dental Lab Facilities

Voted as south India’s most visited Dental Clinic, Partha Dental Clinics are a class unto themselves. From the most thorough hygiene visit you”ll ever have, to sophisticated implant, cosmetic and laser procedures, we always go the extra distance and that is why we have more than 125 + clinics all over and still counting more. We take pride in the fact that our patients feel relaxed and comfortable in our clinic and environment and are provided with exceptional service at reasonable costs. With the best dentists in the city, we spend quality time with each patient to make sure their questions, concerns, and needs are being fully answered and met.

Our world revolves around the patient and we don’t compromise on our services by consistently delivering the best we can with high-tech equipment and most skilled dentist in town. Our Dental faculties are experts in their field and are known for their excellent service, and personalized treatment plans as per patient’s requirements. So if you are looking for the best dentist in town or the most accessible one too, come to Partha Dental! The fastest growing dental care chain in South India- Partha Dental and Cosmetology’s proud to announce the opening of its 125+ clinics in a short span of 5 years! High quality treatment, reasonable costs, best-in-line equipment and a caring attitude has made sure we have no competition! Come and experience the comfort and convenience yourself, by walking into a Partha Dental Clinic and Cosmetology Center near you !