South India’s largest dental, skin, and hair clinic with 130+ multispecialty clinics

About Partha Dental Hair Clinic

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Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Chennai

Welcome to Partha Dental, Hair Clinic, one of South India's top medical facility providers with excellence in dental and hair care at an affordable cost. We have 130+ clinics across four major states: Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

Why Partha Dental Clinic?

Partha Dental clinics have advanced equipment with world-class infrastructure. The company is committed to updating regarding the changes in the industry and is quick to adopt new technologies as they emerge in the fields of cosmetology and dentistry. It won't be anyplace if it's not at Partha's!

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Strength of Partha Dental Hair Clinic

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Specialist Doctors.

Top Quality Services.

Advanced Practices

Highest Level of Patient Satisfaction.

Value for the treatment.

Arogya Sahayatha : Excise Department (Cashless)

EHS Telangana (cashless)

Available Clinics : Ameerpet, Khammam
Govt Reimbursement AP

EHS Andhra Pradesh (Cashless)

Available Clinics : Tirupathi, Guntur Lakshmipuram & Vijayawada Elur Road
Arogya Sahayatha : Excise Department (Cashless)

Arogya Bhadratha(SPF): Special Protection Force (Cashless)

Available Clinics : All Over Hyderabad & Telangana
Govt Reimbursement AP

Govt Reimbursement AP

Available Clinics : All Over Andhra Pradesh
Arogya Sahayatha : Excise Department (Cashless)

Govt Reimbursement Telangana

Available Clinics : All Over Hyderabad & Telangana
Arogya Sahayata

Arogya Sahayata (Excerise & Prohibition Department) (Cashless)

(Excuse and Prohibition Department) Telangana


Available Clinics : Karimnagar, Khammam, Himayahthnagar, Guntur Lakshmipuram & Tirupati

Advanced Equipment at Partha Dental Hair Clinic

Advanced High resolution intraoral cameras (IOC).

High Resolution Dermoscope.

Digitalized x-rays (Segmental/RVG and Full mouth/OPG)

Advanced Autoclaves to meet the present standards of Sterilization.

Well equipped highly sophisticated dental and derma chairs.

Dental Lab Equipment.

Treatments offered at Partha - Best Hair Clinic near you

Best Dentist near you

Dentists are the doctors who deal with all problems related to teeth and provide complete dental care and have solution for all dental problems. Partha dental is one of the top dental care providers which is at nearby access to every individual across Andhra , Telengana , Banagalore and Chennai. Partha dental always keen about providing good quality services and best dental care with the top professionals in the dental field.

Best Dental Clinic near you

Partha dental clinic are the top most dental care providers located across Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Banagalore and Chennai. Our clinics are located nearby and very close to all prime locations and easily accessible. We one of the pioneers in the dental services industry deals with all problems related to teeth and gums. In simpler words, one stop solution for all your dental needs with the top quality services and best results.

Best Dental Hospital near you

Partha is one of the top leading dental hospital located in the south India spread across Andhra, Telengana , Banagalore and Chennai. We are the leading dental care service providers which deal with all problems related to teeth and surrounding dental tissues. Partha hospital are located in every districts of Andhra and Telengana which are accessible and close to prime location. Our aim is to prove best quality services with the good sterilization protocols and top services in the field.

Best Dental Doctors near you

Partha dental is prime dental care provider in the field of dentistry with well experienced and top renowed dental doctors in the field. Aim of Patha dental is to provide the best dental care with good quality service. Clinics are established in a way accessibly close to every individual located in Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Banagalore and Chennai.