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Sterilization at Partha Dental Clinic

Partha Dental Clinic's hygiene and sterilization techniques are at par with international standards. All our clinics are fully equipped with cutting-edge sterilization technology as well as patient-friendly infrastructure. The clinical staff is trained in modern sterilization techniques and uses modern equipment.

Sterilization procedure In Partha Dental Clinic:

  • Dipping instruments in disinfectant solution for a minimum of 30 minutes. Scrubbing and cleaning with a cleansing solution and running water.
  • An ultrasonic cleaner chamber is used. Instruments are dried and packaged in individual sealed pouches.
  • The packed pouches are now ready to be placed in an autoclave to ensure 100% sterilization by following the sterilization cycle. ( 15 minutes at 121 °C or 3 minutes at 134 °C )
  • UV Light storage cabinets are used to keep instruments sterile until they are used.

Patients can expect a clean environment, safe practices, and best-in-class sterilization methods at Partha Dental Skin and Hair, where they will be cared for by highly trained staff and doctors.

Covid Protocol in Partha Dental Clinic

We regulate patient entry and ensure the use of masks/face covers, hand hygiene, and physical distancing, in accordance with the standard protocols advocated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

The physical distance between waiting chairs is maintained.

Contactless payment methods are available.

The dental operator, assistant, and all personnel within two meters of the patient will be dressed in an impervious surgical gown/scrub and a well-fitting N-95 mask.

The following infection control guidelines are followed in Partha Dental Clinic:
  • The use of Face Shields.
  • Rubber dam is utilized when possible.
  • Operatory surfaces are sterilized with 1% sodium hypochlorite or 70% alcohol.
  • Responsible biomedical waste management is followed.
  • Regular fumigation of the clinic is done.