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2 Jul
World tourism day- Dental tourism

World tourism day- Dental Tourism:

Dental tourism: When we think of tourism, probably we think of enjoying a  beach or exploring famous attractions in a foreign city. But, there is now another kind of tourism that people are talking about, one that has vacation and health rolled in together –Dental Tourism.

Dental tourists travel to foreign countries to seek dental care. Here’s what you need to know about this phenomenon.

There are many countries that are advertised as dental destinations for medical tourists like dental tourists. These countries include Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, and of course! India.

In India, one of the most famous and reliable names is Partha Dental, where you can not only get healthy but even go on a vacation and sightseeing included in their packages.

Reasons for Dental Tourism:

1. Low cost -Dental tourists travel for low-cost dental care. Dental care in developed countries like the United States and Canada can be very expensive. Tourists seek care in less developed countries to save money.

2. Good technology- With globalization, world-class technologies are available at a much lesser price in less developed regions. Labor and real estate also cost less in these regions, so dentists may have lower costs and malpractice insurance is also less expensive. This makes it cheaper

3. Currency exchange rates – With the dollar being stronger, it is cheaper to come to India for dental needs.

World tourism day- Dental Tourism
World tourism day- Dental Tourism


While dental care costs less in dental tourism destinations, that doesn’t mean traveling for care is a good idea. There are many things you must research before traveling for dental care.

1. Dental standards are a potential issue for tourists. Standards for foreign dentists and foreign dental practices should be the same as in say, the United States. For example, infection control standards should be world-class.

2. Make sure to ask If dentists will reuse gloves or injection needles, which puts patients at risk, and what standards are being maintained.

3. Ask for case studies and real pictures.

4. Language barriers are another potential issue, so converse regularly before you go. In India, that is not an issue as everyone speaks English!

5.  Continuity of care is another concern. If you receive dental care in another country, the foreign dentist may not know your patient history. When you return, your own dentist may not know what treatment you received or why it was performed. For a proper treatment keep both of them in the loop!

But, all in all, dental tourism is one of the best in India, and Partha Dental is a forerunner in that!

Happy world tourism to all!