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21 Mar
The right “Braces” for your child

The right “Braces” for your child :

First, I’m going to tell you WHY kids need braces. Then you might think: “Braces aren’t cool! They look ugly and weird, Why should my child wear them?” Don’t worry, We at Partha Dental have got your answers to this concern! Finally, we’ll talk about ways in which your child can benefit from wearing braces or aligners.

Braces aren’t just for straightening teeth; they can help kids in a lot of ways, including improving their oral health, smile, look, and confidence! To find out how braces benefit children, read this article.

Braces are a bit expensive, we agree, but they are essential too. They cost a lot of money and a basic amount of time to take effect, sometimes even more than their visible value. But In our opinion, it’s all worth the price you paid. Though sometimes braces and aligners can be time-consuming and braces cleaning can be annoying,  braces can completely change your kid’s life.

The thought of your child getting braces makes you worry, but he or she will thank you later. I remember seeing a patient’s sister get her braces removed after a couple of weeks, as her parents thought it was useless but disgusted by how crooked her teeth were, she finally got braces at 24 years old!

It was a little bittersweet to go through the treatment process, but so many years later, I can say with experience that kids’ braces are 100 percent worth it. Her teeth look great and she gets compliments on them.

Braces are not a sign of childhood that most children grow up with. But in fact, orthodontic care can help children grow better in terms of future dental health and even their self-esteem.  

Here are common misconceptions about the need for braces and why kids should be wearing them:

1) Braces and aligners are an awesome way to help your kids’ teeth “straighten up” and help them reach their full “smile potential.”

2) Your kid’s teeth are crooked, and you need to do something about it. Before you run out and make an appointment for your child to get braces, let’s take a look at some of the reasons kids need orthodontic treatment, including the inability to chew or talk properly.

3) While the thought of someone putting brackets on your teeth and fiddling with wires running in and out of your mouth is probably going to be less than inspiring, braces are a great thing for kids. Research has shown that they may be able to help massively by leading to numerous positive physical and mental improvements.

4) Braces aren’t just for adults anymore – kids need orthodontic treatment too! Did you know that according to a 2019 survey by The Indian Association of Orthodontists, 47% of children were treated with some form of orthodontic treatment? That’s roughly 1 in every 2! There are several reasons why your child might need the help of braces or another orthodontic appliance, such as crowding, misalignment, tooth gaps or spacing, oversized teeth, and bite issues. Braces are not only good for adults. Kids benefit greatly from orthodontic braces and aligners!
Braces are not a sign of bad hygiene, they’re a sign you care!

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