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20 Jan

The Dangers of “Home teeth alignment technology”

It’s dangerous and also illegal!

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Taking the cheap and easy option of do-it-yourself (DIY) braces like many companies are providing now is illegal because the Indian Dental Association has banned it!

Remember, putting on braces or aligners on your own without going to a dentist can cause serious damage to your teeth and jaw. There are minor conditions for which aligners may be appropriate, but without a proper diagnosis – it’s bad for your dental health!

These new-age USE AT HOME, aligners have the potential to cost you your teeth, overall health, and a costly dental bill just to repair the damage.

Before you consider ordering these at-home teeth straightening services, read the list of damages you can do to your mouth:

The Dangers of Home teeth alignment technology

The Risks of At-Home Braces

The idea of allowing patients to diagnose and treat themselves for orthodontic problems is a frightening concept to dental professionals.

The INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION IDA issued consumer warnings against at-home braces. The IDA has INFACT banned these products and asked patients to visit the dental center for alignment.


  • Is this treatment going to be based on information from my X-rays, skeletal structure, and full scans of my teeth and upper and lower jaws?
  • Is there a dentist or orthodontist supervising the making of my aligners? Is that person licensed?
  • Are my teeth and gums healthy enough to support orthodontic treatment?
  • Can I see a dentist in person in an emergency?
  • The Dangers of Home teeth alignment technology

If the answers to these questions are no or hidden, you could be putting your mouth and your health in danger. Hence, stay away from at-home aligners!

The Need for Office Visits

The orthodontists at Parth’s Dental have reported dire consequences for the patients they saw who had attempted DIY braces.

Sometimes the “irreparable damage” of unsupervised aligners included the
✅need for tooth extractions,
✅bite problems and
✅temporary but dangerous infections.

Without direct professional supervision, patients may also have no idea that they could have underlying problems,
a) such as tooth decay,
b) abscessed teeth or
c) gum infections
that could be made much worse by imposing orthodontic treatment on top of them.

Since most dental problems don’t present overt symptoms, such as pain or swelling, it’s easy to overlook potentially serious issues. It’s kind of like having high blood pressure. You could find out about a problem by having a heart attack, but you can avoid one by having your blood pressure checked!

Similarly, it is dangerous to get dental treatment done at home from DIY aligners that are marketed so vigorously on the internet these days.

It is dangerous and illegal.