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23 Oct
cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry

At Partha Dental – we do both cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry

Partha Dental: We are pioneers in the industry with more than 25 years of experience in providing 100% satisfying results! We have more than 1+ million happy clients, including, celebrities, sportsmen entrepreneurs, etc. A great option for people who have baldness but don’t necessarily want to wear wigs! Hair transplants in men and women are often done with a follicular unit extraction technique, or FUE for short.

This is a method that involves the removal and transplantation of individual follicular units from a donor area to the recipient area. The donor area is usually found on the back of the head, where hair tends to be thicker and more plentiful. The follicular units are extracted with a punch tool between 0.6mm and 1mm in diameter. Each unit is then transplanted individually into the recipient area by making small incisions in the scalp with a blade or needle and then inserting the grafts into these sites.

It’s important to note that not everyone is a good candidate for this technique, especially if they have low hair density or very fine hair on their back. In addition, since each follicle needs to be extracted individually with its own punch tool, this procedure may require more time than traditional strip harvesting methods (which use one long piece of skin instead). This can increase costs significantly due to longer operating times and higher surgeon fees for performing these types of procedures. If you’re looking for a simple solution to male pattern baldness, a hair transplant could be the answer. At our clinics, this procedure is easy, safe, and affordable!

Male pattern baldness is an extremely common condition that affects up to 80% of men by age 70. The medical term for this condition is androgenetic alopecia, and it’s caused by a combination of genetics, hormones, and age. The main symptom of male pattern baldness is thinning hair on the scalp, which can eventually lead to total hair loss on the top of your head. It may be possible to slow the rate of hair loss or regrow some hair using medications or natural remedies; however, these options are often ineffective. In many cases, hair transplants are a better option for treating male pattern baldness.

The hi-tech hair transplant treatments of Partha Skin and Hair Clinics are said to be one of a kind, with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies across south India. We offer 100% safest hair treatment procedure along with easy EMI options to make it accessible for everyone.

The important differences between cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry

  1. Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry are terms that are used to describe dental practices that help your teeth look better. This is different from what is focused solely on the health of your teeth.
  2. While these two terms are often used interchangeably, the truth is that there are some major differences between aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry.
  3. The biggest difference between the two forms of dentistry is that cosmetic dentistry focuses on things that will make your teeth look better. This includes things like teeth whitening and veneers.
  4. On the other hand, aesthetic dentistry uses an approach that helps fix problems such as a few missing teeth, crooked teeth, and unaligned teeth, which both fix the problem from a functional standpoint and also help you to look and feel your best. In other words, you could say that aesthetic dentistry is a more complete approach than cosmetic dentistry.
  5. One of the other big differences between cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry is the end goal.
  6. Aesthetic dentistry uses techniques available in modern medicine to give you a more natural, healthy look. Aesthetic dentists use techniques like regular cleanings, Root canal removal, and the restoration of teeth with fillings or bridges to make your teeth look normal and healthy. The goal is to give you healthy teeth that function properly so that you can look your best and eat and talk normally.

Cosmetic dentistry includes techniques like teeth whitening, braces, veneers, teeth jewelry, diamond teeth studs,

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