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23 Oct
Best Diwali Gift for aging parents good teeth

Best Diwali Gift for aging parents – good teeth!

If one of your parents were silently suffering from excruciating mouth pain caused by dental issues, would they tell you? Most probably no .. but if they are .. gift them good teeth this Diwali at the best dental clinic in South India – Partha Dental !

We want to assume our parents are healthy and comfortable enough and will share any serious issues with us , but a recent survey says, most parents don’t tell about their bad teeth to their kids . Unfortunately, it’s common for family members to keep quiet about personal issues they’re having, especially as they get older.

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • Mom and Dad are from a generation that was taught not to complain and to figure things out for themselves.
  • Mom is on her own and she isn’t accustomed to speaking up for herself when she needs your help especially pain in teeth or gums ?
  • In general, Mom and Dad don’t want to be an imposition. They feel awkward asking for help from their adult child. Gift them a full mouth check up and good dental health this Diwali at an affordable price at the best dental clinic in Andhra Pradesh !
    Remember, ignoring the persistent discomfort of dental pain can have a serious impact on both length of life and quality of life of the elderly! Recent studies now suggest a connection between tooth loss and dementia. Left unaddressed, serious dental issues will lead to more pain and higher expenses down the road.
    Dental neglect is expensive!