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20 Oct
Dental Bridge And Crown

Implant Vs Bridge … What Is Best For You?

Implant Vs Dental Bridge:- A tooth is more complicated than most people know or think. When the tooth structure, which includes bone, ligaments, and nerves, is removed, the surrounding area gradually deteriorates.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a metal post, typically made of titanium, that replaces lost tooth structure. New bone grows around the implanted metal over the course of a few months. Once your dentist has determined that the new structure is secure enough, a crown is screwed on top of the implant and sealed in place. This is how a dental implant replaces a missing or broken tooth.

 Pros of implants:
  1. One of the most significant advantages of dental implants is that they place less strain on the surrounding teeth and jaw bones and promote the healing of bone structures and gums beneath the teeth.
  2. They also have a tendency to reduce the long-term risks posed to the jaw. A high-quality dental implant is expected to last a lifetime if properly installed by the dentist and with proper oral care.
  3. It drastically reduces the possibility of tooth loss, tooth displacement, and bone deterioration and is almost as effective as natural teeth.
  4. Finally, it provides a chewing ability similar to natural teeth, allowing you to eat and chew with the same strength.
Cons of implants:

A disadvantage of dental implants is they can be a costly treatment. especially in cases where a large number of individual teeth need to be replaced in different spots.

When trying to replace a particularly large number of teeth, your dentist will recommend a hybrid denture (a denture anchored by dental implants that have been placed inside the jaw bones) or dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can be used to replace one or more missing teeth by using artificial teeth to bridge the gap. A dental bridge is often comprised of an artificial tooth or teeth (pontics) which are fused to crowns on either side for support. A dental crown is a restoration that covers the exposed surface of the tooth to provide strength or to improve its appearance.

Dental bridges and crowns are designed to match the natural shape and structure of the teeth and is made of different types of materials such as ceramic, metal, porcelain, or zirconium.

Pros of dental bridge:
  1. Bridges have the primary advantage of being one of the most cost-effective methods of replacing missing teeth.
  2. Another benefit of bridges is that they do not require bone grafting if bone loss exists.
  3. Bridges also provide a faster process for replacing missing teeth and faster healing than implants.
Cons of dental bridge:
  1. One of the most significant disadvantages of bridges is that they place additional strain on surrounding structures, particularly the two teeth attached to the device.
  2. Under the immense pressure of the bridge, the bone structure and jawbone begin to wear away over time.
  3. As a result, a bridge is rarely expected to last a lifetime.
  4. Bridges, on the other hand, do not address concerns about underlying structural issues. This means that long-term issues caused by bone loss from tooth removal will persist even after the gap is closed.
Mixed approach:

It’s not uncommon for dentists to recommend a mixed approach when a patient has lost a significant number of teeth in a row.

  • For example, if all of your molars are lost, your dentist may need to place an implant at one end of your mouth where there is no longer a tooth. Your dentist may then attach a cap to the opposite end, forming a bridge between the implant post and the healthy tooth.

People who have lost most or all of their teeth in one area of their mouth may also be good candidates for bridge-like structures that span two implant posts. So there are two implants and a bridge in between!!

Speaking with your dental health provider can provide you with useful information that can help you decide which treatment to seek.

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