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24 Nov
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4 Effects Of Cold And Flu Remedies On Oral Health

Oral Health

A dentist is extremely important in assisting you to maintain good oral health. Have you ever considered asking your dentist about the effectiveness of cold and flu remedies?

It is difficult to face long and sleepless nights with a cold and to work with a runny nose. However, there are numerous remedies available to treat cold and flu symptoms. However, they can have their own side effects that can harm your teeth.

Understand that your dental health is just as important as your overall health. As a result, you must understand what can affect you and how to deal with those issues.

Talk to our dentists for the best treatment and advice on how to keep your teeth healthy.

What Can Affect Your Teeth, According to the Dentist?

The following cold and flu remedies may have an impact on your teeth:

1. Decongestants:
  • Decongestants work by drying out the nose and preventing it from running. At the same time, it can cause excessive mouth dryness. 
  • Dryness decreases saliva flow and encourages bacterial growth in the mouth.
  •  It can also lead to issues like gum disease and tooth decay. 
  • If you are taking cold and flu medications, you should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
2. Cough Drops and Sore Throat Lozenges: 
  • Cough drops and sore throat lozenges dissolve gradually in the mouth. It means that you keep these products in your mouth for an extended period of time to allow them to settle gradually. 
  • These products contain sugar, which can harm your teeth and cause decay. 
  • As a result, taking sugar-free cough drops and sore throat lozenges is the best option. 
  • If you consume sugary foods, brush your teeth on a regular basis to keep them clean and healthy. 
  • Our dentists can fill your cavities, but it is best to avoid the situation.
3. Cough Syrup and Liquid Cold Medicine: 
  • The solution of cough syrups and liquid cold medicines contains sugar. These liquids coat your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. 
  • Some of the medications contain alcohol, which reduces saliva production and makes washing away the coating difficult. 
  • Instead of taking liquid medication, you can take pills or gel caps to protect your teeth. 
  • You should drink water to stimulate saliva production and brush your teeth on a regular basis.
4. Orange Juice and Hot Tea: 
  • Hot tea is a popular remedy for colds, flu, and other health issues. 
  • However, hot tea has its own dental risks due to the presence of sugar, which causes tooth erosion. 
  • Orange juice and other citric beverages, on the other hand, soften tooth enamel.
  •  If you don’t treat the acidity, it will damage your teeth.

To avoid tooth damage when consuming the items listed above, drink plenty of water. Brushing your teeth after meals is just as important as drinking water.

You should see your dentist on a regular basis to keep your teeth healthy. Partha Dental provides the best care and treatment for your various dental problems.

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