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20 Jul
Aligners – The Magic Braces

Aligners – The Magic Braces!

Aligners – The Magic Braces: 

Well, we all crave that perfect smile, but not all of us have naturally perfect teeth. To get that perfect smile, go with Aligners!

And the best way that more and more people are having success with beautiful smiles is through Clear Aligners Technology.

As the name suggests, they help align crooked teeth into the perfect position, giving you that amazing smile!

The earlier concept was to use braces, but “Aligners” are the new thing!

They are a series of tight-fitting, custom-made mouthpieces that slip over your teeth and are aesthetically very subtle when compared to braces, as they are transparent and invisible.

They are just like braces, but detachable and more aesthetic than steel or ceramic braces. They are made from a clear plastic or acrylic material, fit tightly over the teeth, and can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.

You’ll get a new aligner with tighter settings; every few weeks to continue moving the teeth into the desired position.

Aligners: The Magic Braces:

  1. Anyone at any age can get aligners. As the invisible teeth aligners are custom-built for a tight fit, they are best for adults and teens. Straightening a child’s teeth is more complicated. Young people, and their mouths are still growing and developing; hence, using aligners is recommended only for young teenagers and adults and is most effective for them.
  2. Underbites, Overbites, or crossbites can all be set right.
    Clear orthodontic aligners are usually used for those who have very minimal spacing issues and moderately crowded tooth structures.  Those patients who might have issues with wide spacing or severe underbites, overbites, or crossbites may need more complex treatment along with aligners, but they are bound to give you the best results
  3. Length of Treatment: The time taken to correct teeth with invisible aligners is based on how much the teeth need to be moved or rotated. The more your bite is off or the more crooked your teeth are, the longer it will take. Treatment usually takes between 10 and 24 months. For some patients, as little as 10 weeks is enough!
  4. Aesthetically pleasing and good to look at
    The main reason why adult patients decide to go in for clear aligners is that they appear invisible and are prettier and more pleasing to look at than braces. This helps conceal the fact that the patient is undergoing any orthodontic treatment, which can be embarrassing for some adults.
  5. Easily Removable
    Unlike traditional fixtures or braces, Aligners are fixed and screwed in place. Aligners have the added advantage of being detachable by the person if required. Patients love the ability to remove their clear aligners when they eat, brush, or floss their teeth. This allows them to maintain good oral hygiene.
  6. Greater Health benefits
    Many patients who have traditional braces find it a bit difficult to properly take care of them because of the lengthy cleaning routines, as they are unable to clean and brush properly. These deposits are visible when the braces are removed.
    Poor hygiene habits with traditional braces may also result in swollen gums, gingivitis, and, in a few cases, stomach infections from rotting food pieces in the mouth.
    Aligners: The Magic Braces, Clear aligners help teeth quickly get in shape, comfortably, and accurately with minimum embarrassment and discomfort. They are indeed a great alternative to bracket and wire orthodontics and are therefore now a much more popular option for orthodontic treatments. Choose the one that mimics the natural shade of your teeth and fits you the best.
    These aligners are a better bet than traditional braces and look so nice that one cannot even know that the patient has put on braces, until they come up,  close and personal.

As is widely known, there are so many different brands to choose from, and only your orthodontist can choose the best aligners for you. The price varies from case to case. Usually, the price varies depending on the number of aligners used, the brand, and the severity of the tooth alignment required.

Although this may seem a bit steep given the benefits and convenience of these clear braces, it is a small price to pay.
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