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1 Nov

Tips from your Dentist, this Diwali !

This is the beginning of the festive season and a few dental tips are needed so as to ensure you fully enjoy this time of the year without having to worry about your dental health and compromise on what you eat and drink.

  • Mithais and chocolates are an integral part of our celebrations. Enjoy your sweets, but just ensure to brush twice a day, also make it a habit to floss as well.
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste as they prevent bacteria buildup in your mouth and help prevent cavities.
  • During the day, if you cannot brush, have a glass of water after eating sweets. Having a glass of water helps wash away the stickiness of sweets in your mouth !
  • You may chew upon Sugar free gums after eating sweets as the sugar free gum helps in cleaning the mouth and increase saliva flow. Increased saliva flow increases our ability to fight bacteria and avoid cavities.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks; as they harm the dental enamel and leave stains on the teeth !
  • Avoid sweets just before bedtime.
  • Take special care of your kids as they tend to skip brushing during festivities. Remind them to brush and floss at morning and bedtime. Ask them to rinse after eating sweets. Get them a tooth brush of their favorite character to motivate them to brush.

All these tips will help you enjoy your Diwali and keep your Dental health shining and healthy !