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2 Jul
The one day procedures at Partha dental - are magically true

The one-day procedures at Partha dental- are magically true!

One Day Procedures

One-Day Procedures at Partha dental – It may seem like magic, and Yes, Partha can do it !!!! You can have a complete mouth of implant teeth in just a single day!

But how are one-day implants done? And how are they different from traditional implants that may take weeks or months to complete?

One-day dental implants vs. traditional implants

The main difference between the one-day Dental Implants and traditional implants is, obviously the time taken. In these Covid-19 times, we don’t want you to visit multiple times, rather we want you to have it all done and finished in one day itself!

Traditional implants require multiple visits to the dentist and longer healing times. One-day implants (you guessed it) take one day to be placed.

There is only one catch though, the dentist must be highly trained and experienced in the procedure. This assures that treatment will be predictable and without complications, now and will be done fast!

Another factor is that the Clinic, like Partha; must have the ability to provide the surgical treatments and all access to X-rays, etc that are required. It must also have laboratory facilities to manufacture the final restoration.

They must have the technology, including milling machines and computer-assisted design terminals, as well as a team able to work through it all in one day!

Before choosing a dental provider for such an extensive procedure, be sure to ask about patient reviews. Check the web to read about personal experiences with the dentist.

Ask to see before and after photos of actual patients who have had the procedure you will be receiving.

Benefits of same-day implants :

The one-day procedures


* You have a single surgery, instead of several

* Your permanent teeth are delivered at the time of the procedure instead of a temporary acrylic healing denture or partial

* You get back up to 90% of your natural chewing ability, which means good things for your diet and your overall health

* Implant-supported bridges stay securely in your mouth at all times

* The cost of multiple visits is saved.

* Lesser threat of infection.

* Only one visit makes the whole procedure easy and less hassle for people!

One-day procedure but permanent, positive results

When it comes to providing quality, full mouth restorations in a single day, you should consider the best dentist in town that is Partha Dental Clinics!

Get your smile back in one sitting!

It’s here at Partha!