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5 Aug
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Rare Surgeries with Amazing Precision and Success

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Partha Dental Clinics is an active surgical department running successful rare and complicated surgeries !

For example, the latest success was the 36 impacted teeth removal in Hyderabad!
With years of expertise and caliber and an incomparable dedicated team of dentists and maxillofacial surgeons – Partha Dental performed a rare and complicated surgery on this young man involving 36 impacted teeth ! It took 5 hours and a team of surgeons at Partha Dental to achieve this feat under general anesthesia ( GA).

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Impacted teeth usually occur because of crowding or lack of space in the bone. Third molars (wisdom teeth), particularly the lowers, are the last to erupt and are more likely to be impacted.
Because of crowding and difficulty with cleaning, decay in adjacent teeth, as well as gum disease, often occurs.
The patient is reported to be stable and will be able to chew and smile normally again !

Not only this , the Maxillofacial Department at Partha Dental routinely deals with minor oral surgical procedures like surgical extractions, removal of impacted teeth, cyst enucleation, biopsies, periprosthetic surgeries which are done under local anesthesia . Advanced laser surgeries and implantological procedures are done too.

The surgical department has a well equipped surgical OT with all the modern facilities. Major surgeries for maxillofacial trauma ranging from maxillary fractures, mandibular fractures to frontal bone reductions and craniofacial injuries are under taken with the greatest amount of success!

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Cosmetic surgeries like facial profile and gummy smile correction, rhinoplasties, secondary cleft correction and various kinds of reconstructive surgeries are also being performed with such expertise that is astounding !

Congenital dental disorders causing craniofacial abnormalities leading to disfigurement have been treated successfully by our team. A good number of maxillofacial pathologies ranging from small tumors to major oncological cases too have been operated upon.

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TMJ joint pathologies, internal derangements, ankylosis have all been treated successfully at the oral and maxillofacial surgery department of Partha Dental which is also the second most loved and trusted Dental brand in India !
So for any surgical needs, do visit us at parthadental.com !