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29 Jun
Dental health increases immunity to fight diseases

How Good Dental Health Can Improve Your Immunity to Fight Diseases!

Dental health increases immunity to fight diseases: It is now confirmed through research what dentists always knew: “Good Oral health increases immunity and promotes general well-being!”

Researchers have confirmed that maintaining reasonable oral hygiene measures can help lower the risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus from the mouth to the lungs, help prevent severe instances of COVID-19, and also strengthen the immune system!

As we all struggle with the pandemic, let us keep our oral health in pristine condition! Your oral health and immune system go hand in hand.

Our mouth is a gateway into our body, and it does its best to fight off anything that compromises our well-being. But if oral hygiene is left unchecked, it can have dire consequences for the body and weaken our immunity!

In fact, many treating doctors have noted that the coronavirus could pass into people’s lungs from saliva, with the virus moving directly from the mouth to the bloodstream, particularly if individuals were suffering from gum disease or plaque deposition. This proves the point that dental health and immunity are correlated.

Evidence shows that dental plaque accumulation and periodontal inflammation increase the likelihood of the SARS-CoV-2 virus reaching the lungs and causing more severe cases of infection.

Dental health increases immunity to fight diseases

Experts recommend that the public take simple, but effective, daily steps to maintain oral hygiene and reduce factors contributing to gum disease, such as the build-up of plaque as doctors agree that the potential entry route into the bloodstream, and visit their dentist regularly!

It was noted that gum disease makes the gums leakier, allowing bacteria and other microorganisms to enter the blood.

Simple measures — such as careful toothbrushing and interdental brushing to reduce plaque build-up, along with specific mouthwashes, or even saltwater rinsing to reduce gingival inflammation — could help decrease the viral concentration in the mouth!
The new model is based on the mouth as a breeding ground for the virus to thrive, with any breach in oral immune defenses making it easier for the virus to enter the bloodstream.
Moving from blood vessels in the gums, the virus would pass through the neck and chest veins — reaching the heart before being pumped into pulmonary arteries and small plates in the lung base and periphery, the researchers said.
So remember, good oral health will help you fight diseases and strengthen your immune system, and that is the best prevention against diseases!

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