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3 Jul
Dental arches

Dental arches and human posture .. your teeth influence your spine!

Dental Arches and Human Posture:


Did you know that your teeth have a direct impact on your posture and spine? It may sound unbelievable, but the positions and forms of your teeth and dental arches are closely related to the growth of the craniofacial complex.

The Relationship Between Teeth and Posture

Understanding the relationship between teeth and posture requires analyzing the positions of primary teeth, as well as the size and shape of dental arches. Through the examination of teeth casts, dentists can digitize the coordinates of cusp tips and arch depths, allowing for the creation of computer-generated curves that represent the patient’s dental structure.

In simpler terms, your teeth have a significant impact on your face shape and posture, and fortunately, these can be corrected. On average, girls tend to have smaller dental arches compared to boys.

The Role of Orthodontics and Restorations

Orthodontics and restorations performed by dentists offer the ability to manipulate the size, shape, and arrangement of teeth. These interventions can subtract years from a person’s face and even improve their posture. To understand the mechanism behind this, let’s imagine someone without teeth, such as your grandpa without his dentures. When devoid of dental support, the absence of teeth leads to the collapse of the oral cavity, resulting in the reduction of the lower facial region. Now, envision Grandpa inserting his dentures. Suddenly, his face fills out, and while he may not look young, he certainly appears less aged.

Although grandpa is an extreme example, the loss of support and subsequent facial “shrinkage” doesn’t only occur in toothless individuals. As teeth gradually change shape throughout adulthood, the face and posture change, even if the dental arches are misaligned.

The Impact of Teeth on Posture and Spinal Health

Teeth, particularly those in the back and the upper jaw, have a significant impact on posture and can affect the spinal cord as well. Given the interconnected nature of the human body, any irregularities in tooth spacing or dental arches can influence overall posture.

As a result, a narrow smile or arch offers less support to the teeth and facial structure, leading to an aged, sunken, and unsymmetrical appearance. However, at Partha Dental Clinics, our skilled orthodontists can alter and improve these aesthetic and structural concerns.

It’s fascinating to discover the intricate connection between dental arches and human posture. Your teeth play a vital role in determining your face shape and maintaining proper spinal alignment. By harnessing the power of orthodontics and restorative procedures, dentists can expertly alter the size, shape, and positioning of teeth. This transformative process not only minimizes the visual effects of aging but also contributes to a more refined posture, enhancing overall appearance and well-being.

If you’ve been struggling with dental arch discrepancies or unsatisfactory posture, it’s worth consulting with our orthodontists at Partha Dental Clinics. Through personalized treatment plans, we can help you achieve a more symmetrical, youthful-looking face and a healthier spine. Invest in your oral and overall well-being today!