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3 Jul
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Coronavirus second wave is up! Let’s not lower our guard!

Well, the government of India just issued a circular dated 11 November, warning that there will be no let up in COVID-19 tests, because a second wave is likely in January-February:2021.

The circular from the Government’s health services directorate anticipating a second wave of the Corona epidemic should make us all more aware about keeping ourselves safe and in ensuring that all safety measures are in place like face masks and hand washing along with social distancing.

The government has specifically directed government authorities to ensure there is no complacency in testing and has made sure labs are functional in every district and municipal corporation limits for Corona testing.

The second wave is expected based on what is happening in European nations right now.

So all of you who thought it was over and we can relax, should be warmed that a second wave of cases is about to unfold soon.

This time even more people will be affected.

The second wave of covid-19 is at its peak in places like Delhi. The number of cases suggests it is the worst wave so far and the biggest reason for the increase in infections is our lax behavior. If we do not wear masks, don’t follow social distancing, then it is the main reason for the surge.

Public health experts have said that India can avert a second or third wave of infection with covid-appropriate behaviour. According to the India National Supermodel committee on Covid-19, the pandemic can be controlled with minimal active symptomatic cases by end of February 2021 if preventive measures are followed by all in public places and at homes.

Mobility data show that Indian’s on large  have returned to shopping areas and public spaces. Many are not wearing masks. A large chunk of the population seems resigned to the threat of infection and have lowered their guard. This is an invitation to the pandemic .

We cannot stop social distancing and sanitizing just yet. Covid -19 is very much there although people are tired of it, the disease is back with a second wave and our only cure is prevention.

Partha Clinics are committed to helping their patients and the nation in combating this second wave of Corona and is adhering to all safety protocols and measures.

We urge you all to do the same !

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