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1 Jan
teeth problems

Most Common Teeth Problems & Treatment

Common Teeth Problems

Discover the most common teeth problems and effective treatments to maintain a healthy smile.

Bad Breath:
  • Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is one of the most humiliating oral issues. People develop bad breath for a variety of reasons. Bad breath can be caused by gum diseases, oral diseases, and contaminated tongue and teeth problems.
  • The absence of regular brushing has also been linked to halitosis. Bad breath is avoided by brushing regularly and using exceptional mouthwashes after brushing.
  • If you have persistent bad breath that won’t go away even after brushing, visit a dental practitioner and disclose the issue.
Tooth decay/cavities:
  • Decay is the most common tooth problem. When we eat food, a few remnants are left on the surface of our teeth. If we don’t brush properly to get rid of these leftovers, they aggregate to form plaque, which hardens to become tartar. Tartar reacts with the sugars we eat, producing acids. These acids de-mineralize the tooth and form tooth cavities.
  • If the decay just affects the first two layers of the tooth (enamel and dentine), fillings or restorations are sufficient to treat it.
  • An RCT or endodontic treatment is required in the event that the tooth decay extends to the third layer (pulp) and results in pulp inflammation or infection.
Periodontal diseases:
  • Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums surrounding the teeth. The diseases are thought to be caused by microbes that collect under the teeth after we eat and fail to brush properly. The early stages of gum disease are known as gingivitis, here the gums become swollen, red, and bleed. Periodontitis is the more serious form in which the gums pull away from the teeth, bone is lost, and teeth loosen or fall out.
  • If teeth problems are left untreated, they increase the likelihood of a heart attack, stroke, or other health problems.
  • The treatment for periodontitis includes deep cleaning of the tooth root surfaces beneath the gums, medications taken orally or placed directly under the gums, and, in more severe cases, corrective surgery.
Teeth sensitivity:

Teeth sensitivity occurs when the underlying layer of your teeth is exposed. This can happen as a result of erosion or gum recession. Sensitive tooth pain is typically sharp, sudden, and transient. Pain when eating or drinking cold items such as ice cream, yogurt, or even water is the most common symptom of tooth sensitivity. Another symptom is a pain when brushing your teeth or biting down on hard foods like apples and carrots.

Stained teeth:

There are numerous reasons for having your teeth stained. The most widely recognized causes, however, are smoking, excess consumption of coffee, strong tea, red wine, and products containing strong dyes, all of which cause the enamel to darken. Unwanted pigmentation accumulates and changes the color of teeth, even those that are perfectly healthy. Bleaching or teeth whitening aids in dealing with this issue.

Malocclusion teeth problem:
  • Occlusion refers to the proper alignment of teeth in the upper and lower jaws so that they fit together to form a healthy “bite,” whereas malocclusion refers to a disruption in this alignment and an incorrect relationship between the upper and lower teeth.
  • Malocclusion causes malfunction of the major chewing components, including the teeth, upper jaw, lower jaw, and jaw joints. Gums, periodontal structures, and any chewing muscles or ligaments may also be affected.

Malocclusion can be treated with braces and aligners. Braces gradually straighten and align your teeth so that you have a normal bite as you wear them.

Aligners are a type of clear orthodontic appliance that corrects your smile without the need for messy wires. These are better than braces, as invisible braces are almost undetectable and can be taken off, which is useful when eating or snacking.

Seviour teeth problems

Oral cancer:

By far the most lethal dental issue is an oral tumor. Various causes are accepted to cause this disease, but the most common are smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. To cure this ailment, we must abandon the previously mentioned habits. It is possible to deal with it if it is identified early enough, so regular dental visits help you with this.

Whatever teeth problem you may face, we generally have the perfect treatment for it here at Partha Dental Clinic. Call or visit us today and we will readily treat you and instruct you on the best way to avoid future dental issues.